Location: Montebello, Ca

Montebello is located near the center of the Los Angeles metropolitan complex. The industrial heart of the Western United States swings out 40 miles to the west and 50 miles to the east, providing communication, transportation, technology, finance and labor as well as being its own best consumer market.

Montebello is ringed by freeways and has become a center for the trucking and specialty vehicle industry. Wheels, engines, underbodies, refrigerated trucks, campers and truck trailers are all manufactured in Montebello. The over-the-road trucking industry has found Montebello a convenient home as well, as have the service, maintenance and custom fabrication groups.

When frequent or daily distribution of goods is important, Montebello's central geography and abundant freeway access can, by itself, be a deciding issue. Bakeries, meat companies, consumer paper distributors, sales organizations, beer and soft drink distributors, warehouses, petroleum distributors, and lumber and building materials suppliers, all find Montebello's location near the "hub of the wheel" critical to their operations.

Southern California is the center for trade and exchange with both the Asian/Pacific region as well as our nearest foreign neighbor, Mexico. Through the Sister City Program, the City of Montebello has created ties with several cities throughout the world and two of those Cities are Ashiya, Japan and Ensenada, Mexico. Through cultural exchange, the sharing of resources and political cooperation, the City of Montebello has helped establish a thriving community for businesses tied to these regions. It is also true that substantial percentages of the resident population here are Mexican-American and Asian-American.

Montebello is 20 driving minutes from the largest deep water port in the Western United States. We are fewer than 45 driving minutes from each of the three major airports serving Southern California. The largest concentration of railroad yards and freight handling equipment outside of Chicago is located within 10 minutes of Montebello. Downtown Los Angeles, the banking and financial capitol of the Western U.S., is within a 15-minute drive.

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